July 20 Day 51 Site Seeing in Thunder Bay 

Woke up in Dan & His neighbor’s back yard gardens, sun was shining, birds were singing (ok it was a crow cawing) but still it was going to be a great day. Breakfast was simple, Granola, yogurt and a banana on the lawn by the tent. 

I needed to go to the library to do some banking but wasn’t open till 10:00 so went for a bike ride around a near by park, Boulevard lake, not a lot of people out, some runners, families, bikers, paddle borders, & some canoers. It was a really nice bike ride through the park. 

Got my stuff done at the library, got to see some really neat old buildings down by the library. Not used to see such detail in brick work, most of them are churches. 

After that I went down to Fort William historical park. They were having a big carnival this weekend. So I got to see some old circus style acrobats under the big top, really amazing. A Lumberjack show ( same one Ashley took us too in Grouse Mountain a couple years back) still it’s a good show & the guys are petty comical too. Then a fly boarding, water skiing show. Very cool.

Plus made sure I took in the actual Fort too, the birchbark canoes reminded me of when Uncle Bill (50 years ago) did the Alexander Mackenzie Canoe trip , I’m sure he probably passed right by here. ​

This is the picture of the trip I talked about with uncle Bill he’s the one on the far right with the mohawk. See I come by this going across Canada thing honestly.

Biked home, my bike ride to the fort and back was about an hour each way so bike ride today anyways. Got to go through lots of trails, Google Maps always sends me on more trails then roads if it can. Grab some goodies, hummus, goat cheese and some fresh bread, at the grocery store then raided Dan’s garden for fresh green to make salad for supper. It was a late supper 930 and it gets dark here by 10 so off to bed after that.