July 19 Day 50 35 kms Kakabeka Falls – Thunder Bay 

I’m going to spend two or three nights in Thunder Bay I need use up some time before I catch the train next Wednesday.  
Beautiful easy ride today, punched the address of my Warm Shower Host in Google Maps & it took me on this back road with little traffic. ( I have it on the bike setting so it usually take me a bike friendly route) fields, laundry on the lines, kids running from each other at the daycare, just backroad small town pretty. 

My host, cool guy, built his own shop, Hardy planked siding, grows his own garden, easy to talk too. So got settled in – he mowed the lawn before I set up the tent. Then headed to Hillcrest park to see the city & the sleeping giant view, then down town to do a few errands and ended up at the Harbor. There was music in the park, food trucks & people watching. 

Dan’s garden, my view from the tent. 

Sleeping giant 

Back to my Host house for the night, going to go to a historical park tomorrow, they’re having a huge carnival too.  

Good -night all. 


4 thoughts on “July 19 Day 50 35 kms Kakabeka Falls – Thunder Bay 

  1. Hello Anne: I have been following you since your Mom gave me your blog address (when she visited at my house before going to Todd’s party) but I just now got set up to add a comment and of course my comment is YOU GO GIRL! It is great to see a woman doing this and causing old men to shake their heads… you know I am behind you all the way to Meat Cove (Cape Breten) or Boni Vista. Not sure where you plan to finish but you have already accomplished a major goal even if you don’t bike one more mile. Will be following you all the way. Sorry the fires kept you from the family party in Lac La Hashe. May most of the miles be down hill. Lurind. (Garth says hello)


  2. Anne just wanted to say that we are really enjoying your pictures and some of the most recent made me very home sick. Blue Lake has always had a special place in my heart as our family often went there and the lake was always sandy and you could walk out quite easily without rocks. Melvin and I have been there a couple times on our trips to Dryden. Glad you got to see the big moose in Dryden and loved the snowshoes. You were right those pictures of moose and wolves on them really touched us. Sorry the fires got in your way of visiting with family but it is wonderful to see how many people you have been able to reconnect with along your travels. Take care Anne, safe travels. This is your time girl and we are all very proud of your accomplishments and adventures thus far and look forward to hearing and seeing more from you.
    Love always,
    Val, Melvin and families


    1. I’m glad I got to see a little of your home and helped revisit some good memories. There were a couple of snowshoe I thought were really neat, I got their card. Not really my decor anymore but still appreciate the art. Love hearing from you too Val and family, Miss you guys. ❤️


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