July 18 Day 49 117 Kms Upsala- Kakabeka Falls

Narrow shoulder most of the day till I got to the junction where highway 17 & 11 merge into the same highway going to Thunder Bay. Passed some points of interests that were interesting, lol. In eastern time zone now & all the rivers flow north now to the Arctic Ocean. 

Love these old churches

At native craft store along the way, the Regner bunch would love the snow shoe. 

My forth time zone – two to go

Met a nice Couple at this sign,  they were Polish, he lived Canada now & spoke English but his fiancĂ© was straight from Poland and didn’t speak any English and was being treated to a cross country trip hoping that she would stay in Canada. Lol

Had plans to stay out further from Thunder Bay but the motel that was going to give me a piece of lawn was the only thing around & it did look to nice. 
So went into Kakabeka falls- knew the provincial park was too$$ (41.25) for a biker, nearest campground wasn’t much cheaper(35.00) so I went to the post office, had to mail a post card anyway, plus everyone knows that the post lady know everyone & everything, so asked her if she knew anyone who would put up a biker for the night. And she did, got a couple names, a location, told to go to the hardware store, met the whole family. dad, son, son’s wife and grandson named after grandpa. 

It’s not the nicest location but I’m behind this restaurant in a field, in my tent for free. Cleaned up at the gas station bathroom (which was clean) went to the grocery store from some veggies & fruit, (only had some trail mix for lunch & it was 4:00) and then went down to see the falls. 

The falls are really cool, you walk over the river at the top of them first, it reminds me of all the movies where is like “oh shit” just before they go over. 

Went to the restaurant “The Eddy👍👍” where I camp behind, tried to go there before going to the falls and there’s was a line up & the parking lot was full. So I knew it was good. The mail lady recommended the quinoa beet salad. And the daughter-in-law at the hardware store recommended the beer batter onion rings and the local craft beer, so that’s what I had.