July 16 Day 47 80 kms Pine Sunset Lodge – Ignace

The fishing lodge was busy this morning, everyone ( I think they were all American -Wisconsin & Indiana) heading out for some early fishing. Two old boys couldn’t believe what I was doing, they took pictures of me, said “that’s some story to tell”. Never see anyone doing that before. Guess not too many cyclists go through Indiana. Took it easy on the bike today, short ride but lots of on & off the pavement into the gravel because I had a small shoulder & lots of transport trucks. So glad I have the mirror, it makes biking safer. 

Met another cyclists today, road beside her in the gravel for about 10 minutes & talked. She wasn’t stopping & she road on the shoulder almost on the white line (she had narrow tires). Made me a little nervous so 10 minutes was enough. She started in Vancouver, going to Halifax. She usually works in banff in a hotel but it had had a fire and they were doing renovations so she decided to do the bike trip and then she spends the winters in Jamaica. “Living the Dream” (as Ozzie would say – working buddy from Fraser River) Didn’t get a picture. 

Scenery look like Fort Nelson highway today. Swamp spruce & old logging blocks. 

Spending the night at Ignace – it’s little town, great hamburger & icecream place. I had a salad & sundae. Got in early around 1:30 so lots of time to relaxed, finished my book, went for a walk, then out for dinner. Thought about the fires at home lots today, with Williams Lake being evacuated yesterday, saying prays for everyone there that they will have homes & jobs to go home to. ūüôŹ


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