July 15 Day 46 90kms Blue Lake Park – Pine Sunset Lodge

Easy morning, woke then fell back to sleep a few times. So slept in and didn’t leave till 10:00. The park was very nice, with the lake, beach, showers were clean, perfect temperature, lots of bathrooms but $41.25 is too much for just myself & a tent. I’m paying the same as a family with a unit. I had planned on staying at a few Provincial Parks but had to do some rebooking. Tonight I’m at a hunting/fishing lodge, on the lake, laying on the dock in the sun as I write this, for $10.00. So it’s evens the cost out.
Scenery changed, only a couple of lakes, mostly small hay fields/pastures with homes.

Looked like home. 

At someone’s house along the way – Canada & a Bike. 

Had to navigate 10 kms of construction, first time the Flagler sent me ahead of the traffic with oncoming traffic meeting me, they were following behind the pilot vehicle. I only had a gravelly very narrow, loose shoulder to ride on. At one point I got off the bike because there wasn’t enough room for me and the truckers I was meeting. I don’t know why she did that but anyway got through it.

Another big Moose but this one had the company of a bald eagle. At Dryden.

All sides of this building was mosaic, no door. 

They had a bench for the 4 Direction, seasons and elements (earth, water, air & fire) Thought the west – fire one applied

Stopped in Dryden to eat my sandwich by a park & chatted with the lady at the Info. Then an easy ride to camp. People are heading out now to try their luck fishing. What a beautiful evening.