July 14 Day 45 110 kms Kenora – Blue Lake Provincial Park 

Well it feels good to be back on the bike, I understand why people do this. It so peaceful, it’s all at your own pace and other then using your body to power the bike (which I enjoy anyway) it is a very stress free day. 

Said Good-bye to Cheryl this morning about 8:30 & headed out of Kenora, stopped for a pic with the Musky & ended up chatting with a fellow cyclists for awhile. We both own Surlys bikes. Got to see Wade & Darlene Eggers again on the way by there campsite. It was so good to visit with them after so many years & following so much of their trip through Darlene’s Facebook posts. 
The scenery was so beautiful, lake after lake after lake. I had lunch at a picnic area by one of these Lakes and got to see a very large snapping turtle, he was hanging out to get fed. 

Pull into Blue Lake Park Around 3:00, set up camp & went for a swim – water was so nice after a very hot day.

I got to meet a very nice 10 year old girl, she had seen me earlier at the Co-op in Vermilion, so when she notice my obvious biker tan she swam over and asked if I was the biker. She was so articulate. She held a conversation most adults could learn from. She listened and she commented on what l said, she would add to the conversation with common things about her self after showing interest in what I had said even asking questions before talking about herself. she was a little mountain biker, having completed some races, from Colorado so lots of mountain biking around there. Mountain biking is something that kind of scares me to be in control without control, we talked about that a little. She was a joy to talk to. 

Dinner in a bag, then a walk, the evening was warm, went down to lake to write my blog. Watching the sun set as people paddled boarded.