Hi, what a busy, crazy week it’s been. With all the travel, fires, friends & family. Two greyhounds rides- from Kenora to Winnipeg & back. My flights to PG – Winnipeg & back. The trip that wasn’t to Lac La Hache for the anniversary party I never got to. But I did get to see a lot of people just not the family I was planning too see. Spent time with my girls, went over to Melanie & Andy’s for dinner and saw their kids too. My wonderful friend Cheryl Kurger & her friend Reg that pick me up at the Airport. 

Then on the way back Shauna & I stopped in PG to see Juantia, Mike & Merrick, Serena, Alyssa and Kylie were there too, love my cousins. 

When I was in Winnipeg I stayed at Dales cousins Brian & Sharon’s home, wonderful visit & dinners. They even hung out with me at grayhound for an extra hour because I was put on stand by, I had not checked my return ticket & it had been mistakenly made for the day before. But greyhound was quite entertaining, people watching, there are some funny people in that depot. Sharon, Brian and I killed ourselves laughing as this one girl got up and I’m like what’s on her bum it was a whole package of gum and then we watched as one long stringy chewed piece dangles from her ass and then the whole package falls the floor we just killed ourselves it looked horrible but at the same time hilarious.lol
Had the whole day to hang out in Winnipeg before catching greyhound so walked downtown, went to the art gallery & just checked out the city. 
Then a great visit with Cheryl and Tom their daughter Rhianne, her boyfriend Garnet & sons Cash, Dawson. Josh & Jessica with their children Zane, Zianne & Valkyrie. 
Then tonight old friends from Fort Nelson were going west from the east coast. We have been following each other’s post for months and we’re able to meet up tonight. Tom & Cheryl were like invite them to the house because Wade & Tom worked together at PolarBoard with Dale years ago. It was a great visit reminiscing about all the old times and catching up on what we’ve been doing on our travels in the last few months. 

 I’m so excited to be back on the bike tomorrow, took some time today to book some campgrounds and get re-organized for the next big unknown leg of my trip. All ground now is new ground I have never been east of Kanora. Looking forward to seeing Ontario.