July 10 Day 41  

So I thought I’d updated you all on what been going on the past few days. 
Got into Kenora back on the 5th. I was having a wonderful relaxing trip and then as of July 6th the chaos and drama started. Went to get my ticket from the greyhound to Winnipeg they were sold out, panic a little about how I was going to hitchhike back to Winnipeg. phoned back to book my ticket for my return and they had a cancellation. 
So I got to Winnipeg, go to fly out on July 7th arrive at the airport over an hour early, huge lineup, finally talk to somebody that was walking by, she tells me the flights already been called I’ve missed it, she has to rebooked me on a different flight. I’m like the flight is still on the ground is there no way you can get me on it, so through a lot of pushing buttons and telling me to run, a lot of really amazing people and security that let me in front of them I got through & I didn’t miss the flight to PG. 

It was so neat to fly over a lot of the land I had just cycled, to get that Perspective was truly amazing. To see that mountain pass from New Denver to Kaslo & to know I had crossed that on that on a bike, wow!!
My friend Cheryl Kruger & Reg pick me up at PG and we start heading south to Lac La Hache for my brother & sister in laws anniversary party, and then the fires. We are now driving through fire, south of Quesnel there’s smoke everywhere Ashley can’t fly into Williams Lake because the airport is closed. When we drive up to Airport there is smoke and flames all around & it was growing fast. 

We keep heading further south, near Williams Lake thing are on fire, trees are in flames right near the highway, the smoke is billowing, we get closer our destination, now we’re backed up in traffic because the road is closed and a little freaked out. we end up deciding to turn around and go back to Quesnel. My girls are both in Quesnel at this time, Shauna picked Ashley up at the Quesnel airport on her way south from Grande Prairie. 

So the fire only got worse all weekend, all that News is on any TV. We spent time with friends from Quesnel, & my friends Cheryl Kruger & Reg. We were in Constant contact with text & phone calls with our family that was at the anniversary party, we were hoping for the highway to open so we could meet up with them but that never happened. In the end everything was fine, all my family ended up getting out fine. Any of them that stayed were evacuated last night Sunday, July 9 out of the area. Most of them have their own holiday units, they had came to the party in their motorhome, fifth wheels so they just drove home.  
I’m on a flight back to Winnipeg today, then greyhound tomorrow to Kenora & my bike.
My thoughts & prays are with everyone that are in these fires. It still pretty scary.