July 6 – 14  Off the bike for awhile. 

My Brother Todd & his wife Leisa are celebrating their 25 Anniversary in Lac La Hache, BC. On July 8/9. I have a flight booked out of Winnipeg for Friday morning, Returning Monday night, but because I got so far ahead of my original schedule I decided to bike to Kenora before I flew out for the weekend. So I’ll be greyhounding it back and forth to Winnipeg from Kenora. With the extra bus travel I’m still ahead of my schedule to start back on the bike on July 14. I will be visiting with the Ricard’s for a couple of days when I get back to Kenora. 

I’ll start posting again when I back on the bike. 


July 5 Day 36 105kms Prawda – Kenora

Beautiful morning got on the road without breakfast, had some OJ. Thought I’d stop down the road for good home cooking. Two hours in stopped at Falcon Lake for a big breakfast (Brunch), just what I wanted. 

Started to see rock along the road, hadn’t seen that since Alberta. The highway got hilly too, had to gear down & up again. Lots of trees & the lakes. Made it to Kenora by 2:10. Rihanna & Cheryl were driving by me, gave me a shout, so I pulled over to get directions, (they’re like is that Anne on the bike? Ya it is!!!) Got some things done in town first then spent the evening hanging out with Cheryl. I will get to see everyone when I come back through on July 12. 

Lake of the Woods

Rocks alone the roads, the hills are a coming. Lol