July 4. Day 35 125 kms Winnipeg – Prawda (Pine Tree Campground)

Brian made me oatmeal for breakfast & visited a little then was on the road a little after nine. The Google maps and Brian and Emily all agreed going through the bike trails. Saw some Beautiful homes and neighborhoods and gardens. 

It just started to rain as I was leaving and then the thunder and lightning, huge big downpour about 20 minutes after I left the house but I was still in Winnipeg so wasn’t too worried about the lightning. Waited it out for a bit, then it was all good on my way out to Winnipeg. 

Crossed over the center of Canada yesterday, cool!!
Fought the wind till 2 o’clock then stop for lunch took a break rested. The highway had just started to have trees on each side of the road by then. After lunch I flew it was so nice the windbreak of the trees and I think that the wind turned a little bit for me, at my back so I made it into the campground around 6 o’clock with another huge storm looming ahead black clouds thunder and lightning. The campground hosts, were so generous to give me a building the set my tent up in, screened in patio no bugs. Then the skies cleared up and it was a beautiful evening.

That’s all swamp, those are all cat tails

Skies after the storm 

River at campground