July 3 Day 35 137 kms Holland – Winnipeg 

Was hard to say good bye & hit the road this morning, I so enjoyed hanging out with everyone. Got on the road around 9:00 by the time I stopped for pictures with the windmill. I had a good cross wind from the south all day. It took me the same time today to ride 137 has it did the other day to ride 157. So I was tired when I got into Winnipeg but the gps took me through a Fort Whyte Alive park because of all the bike trails which was nice after Highway 2. 
 Family stopped along the road, first JR to get video of me riding by the Rene & Shelley for hugs and goodbyes. 

Met another cyclists on the road today, he was from Germany, started in NFLD going to Vancouver then all the way to Argentina, WOW, stopped on the road & talked about 20 minutes when I noticed he had a plant growing out of red solo cup that was in the water bottle holder, so I asked him about it he said it’s a Perry Winkle (a vine) and he wanted it to go up and around his bike frame and he looked completely normal I thought it was the oddest thing but it probably means something to him maybe somebody gave it to him, all I could think is you gave up a water bottle for a plant. lol 

Got into Brain & Sharon’s both girls were there, Sarah & Emily and met a long time family friend, Mark, he makes electric bikes. Then dinner, lot of BS, a shower and off to bed.