June 28 Day31 134kms Wolseley – Moosomin

Good day, easy going ride. Had to change a flat on the side of the road, no problems. 
Landscape has a lot more trees, pasture/haying country then field crops. Reminds me of some of the land around BayTree, out the Spirit River Highway.

Met a really interesting lady biking, she was towing a trailer with her service dog. She started in Alaska, though Yukon, so did the Alaska Highway through Dawson Creek, then into Alberta. So I knew some of her travels, and she had started early spring so dealt with snow, cold, & bears. I remember all the Bears that used to be on that highway. One time I was training for Race I needed to do hills so I did the steamboat but I had Dale and the girls follow me in the truck because steamboat was always full of bears. Anyways really cool lady. 

Camped at Moosomin off to see more family tomorrow. 


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