June 27 Day 30 111 kms Regina – Wolseley 

Today started with good-bye, Val & Emery were great to stay with, Emery made us grilled egg & cheese for breakfast then hugs and on my way. They had a graduation ceremony to go to today. Emery told me that Regina has the largest urban park in Canada, goes through the city, so I cycled the park (10kms), never had to deal with traffic (city streets) until I was outside the city on highway #1. It was so relaxed and very scenic. 

The bike ride was easy going all day with the wind behind me and the sun out, it was quite warm & I drank a lot of water. 
Rolled into Indian Head to their Info center for more water and a chat with the two older ladies volunteering at the center. Here’s part of the conversation: 

Lady one: Oh there was a guy just here.

Lady two: You would have liked him. 

Lady one: He was from France

Lady two: Tall and handsome

Lady one: He’s studying Canadian agriculture

Lady two: He spoke  pretty good  English

Lady one: oh you could teach him she said with a mischievous little grin at me

Lady two: We sent him to the (such & such Park) 

Lady one: There’s a beach there, ( with the same mischievous grin) 

Lady two: Oh but you’re on a bike 

Lady one: Ya that’s too far for you

Me: lol lol 😂 😂😂😂

So if you need to be set up there’s a couple great match makers at Indian Head. Lol

Swinging bridge at Wolseley 

  St. Anne’s Church

So spending the night in Wolseley, went out to a little Bakery & had Pizza and the company of these two wonderful little ladies. Chatted up a storm with me at dinner. A pair of cutie patootie’s, the cooks children. 


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