June 16 Day 21 111 kms     Fernie – Crowley AB

Woke up & it was pouring rain, I wasn’t going to let it stop me, and I’m glad I didn’t, it stopped raining and the clouds lifted before I was 5km out of Fernie. Did get rain a couple times in the day. 

Rode into Sparwood to Tourists Info, & get a pic with the biggest Truck. The young lady told me about a place for lunch down the road. Cinnamon Bear Bakery & Cafe, took me longer then I thought & I was hungry but well worth the wait, I had a cinnamon bun & one to go. 😋

Crossed over into Alberta today, so long BC. 
Then on to Franks Slide, the hardest hill of the day was when I turn off the highway to go to interpretive center. But it was very interesting, the history of the town & the Slide. The geology behind all of it and what they are doing now so they can warn everyone when the next slide happens. The part I found most interesting was that the native people knew there was something wrong with that mountain and wouldn’t camp at the base of it. They called it the mountain that moves. 

Then cycled on watching the scenery change from mountains to open. more beautiful pictures today.

I’m camping at a little town park, I don’t think I’m allowed to be here but I am.


One thought on “June 16 Day 21 111 kms     Fernie – Crowley AB

  1. Anne: Love the pictures and the commentary You will have a wonderful scrap book to make when you get home. We all forget I think just how beautiful this country is. It is wonderful to see all the natural beauty that you have encountered and hear of the interesting people whom you have met and those that have helped you along your travels. We wish you good weather and safe travels along your way.
    Val and Melvin and family


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