June 2 Rest Day. June 3 Day 10 83 kms Vancouver- Abbostford 

Had a great literal rest day, laundry & organized. Lighten the load, left the duffle bag at Ashley’s- traded it in for a very light weight dry bag to cover the tent. Got a new wireless odometer. 

Love hanging out with my kid, just chilled – take out on Thursday. Friday night out for dinner & a walk through the neighborhood, finished the night with the season finale of them Amazing Race. She had to work the days I was there. 
In Abbostford tonight, was worried about cycling out if the city but bike routes are marked really well, felt safe. Only got mixed up Port Mann Bridge then went out of my way on 7b & 7 for about 10kms – no turn around & got to use some trails & bike through some beautiful farm country, strawberries were ripe on the vines. 

Now to watch Wonderwomen at the movies.


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