May 31 Day 7 Comox – Nanaimo 112 kms

Started out late today, was at the good part of my book this morning. It was a nice enough day but the wind was in my face off the ocean. So, decided to take a long lunch at this nice little cafe. Soup & tea warm me up for the 65kms. Sky open up when I was on the only stretch of the highway 19 (8kms)that I needed to travel today or I stayed on the ocean highway. transport trucks spray, only inches of passing room as they passed me & rain was not fun but made it out alive – (I did say the Our Father & a Hail Mary on one of the down hill when I was very close to the cement barrier with very little shoulder) lol Settled in at Jingle Pot RV Park, beautiful site. Now to finish my book. 


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