May 27 Day 3 Bella Bella to Port McNeil 58kms on Bike

Beautiful day for the ferry ride to Shearwater where there was 5 hrs lay over. BS with a girl from the ferry. Then slept on the floor between the rows of seat on the big ferry to Port Hardy. There was a lot of use sleeping on the floor. Mats, sleeping bags, pillows the whole works. Then to a bike shop in Port Hardy – wire broke on my odometer but he didn’t have a new one so I MacGyver the shit out of it & it works!!! Starting the night in Port McNeil.​


One thought on “May 27 Day 3 Bella Bella to Port McNeil 58kms on Bike

  1. Hi Anne… I am Marie’s friend, Dana. I admire what you are doing, enjoy your blog and love all your pics. I used to live in Crawford Bay and the Broom place was part of our property and one of many out buildings; spent a lot of time playing in that shop with my siblings and friends and hanging out with my dad as he occasionally tinkered on his vehicles or hung deer up (dead of course…lol), always smelled strongly of pack rats and dust in there.
    Safe travels and look forward to seeing more of your trip!

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